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Marcelo Luján (Buenos Aires, 1973) took up residence in Madrid early in 2001, where he works as coordinator of cultural activities and creative writing workshops. He has published the short story books Flores para Irene (2003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Award), En algún cielo (2006 City of Alcalá Narrative Award), and El desvío (2007 City of San Sebastián Kutxa Award). His poetic prose books include Arder en el invierno and Pequeños pies ingleses. Luján has also published the novels La mala espera (2009 City of Getafe Crime Novel Award­), Moravia, and Subsuelo — which has received, amongst other literary distinctions, the 2016 Dashiell Hammett Award. Pieces of his writing have been selected to be included in reading promotion campaigns and to be translated into French, Italian, Czech and Bulgarian.


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